Why Is Your Spine So Noisy?

Are you hearing an audible “snap, crackle and pop” every time you stretch your back? What an earth could be causing your spine to sound off so loudly? Something as simple as escaping gases, according to our chiropractor at Witney Chiropractic Clinic.

As alarming as it may sound, it is actually quite normal for the joints of the spine to make a popping or cracking sound when you stretch. If there is tension, binding or locking in a spinal joint, suddenly loosening the joint can produce a cracking noise. It’s simply the sound of gases escaping the protective barriers that surround the joint.

However, as with everything to do with the body, “normal” has its limits and you should seek medical advice if your noisy spine is accompanied by pain or discomfort. Our chiropractor is trained to help take care of your back in a safe and gentle way.

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