Patient Testimonials for Witney Chiropractic Clinic

“Patient testimonials are the highest compliment to me and always gratefully received. ……..Thank you one and all !”

Dr Richard Bonamy-Price DC

Kate Ayre

“After seeing an Osteopath a few times which eased my lower back pain a small amount, I was beginning to think I would just have to “put up” with the pain for the rest of my days (I’m 35) but I found Richard’s website and figured I would give it a go!

I can’t believe that after just one session, I already feel so much better and my back is not going into spasm at all.

He explained everything to me and why I was feeling the pain and showed me exercises I could do to strengthen the muscles to prevent this from happening again.

Amazing – thank you!”

Bodil Grain

“Not only is Dr Bonamy-Price DC a brilliant Chiropractor. He is a really genuine caring person. I have seen Richard for my back intermittently for nearly five years, and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without him”.

Mrs Chris Foster

“I have been receiving Chiropractic treatment from Richard on a regular basis since 1998. When I have been in pain or discomfort, he has always fitted me in, sometimes at very short notice, and I have always felt better afterwards.

In addition, he has given me valuable advice and guidance on the management of my condition. He listens carefully and has always treated me with understanding, courtesy and compassion, mixed with a little humour.

Chiropractic treatment has certainly improved the quality of my life”.

Angela Booty -Livery yard Owner

“I first visited Richard some 15 years ago, having suffered back pain for several years after a minute of madness when I helped a farmer lift a farm gate when I was in my 20’s. In truth I should have visited much sooner but like many others I thought the thing would fix it self!

After an initial X-ray, and over a few weeks, Richard reasonably gently made the movement much easier and the incidents of back pain much less frequent. I have been using Richard occasionally ever since whenever I have a problem with my back or neck. Recently I developed numbness in my left leg and my GP said he thought it was my back. A few visits to Richard, a bit of “back cracking” and its going away. (The new massage machine is great as well).

I have a great respect for Chiropractic, and faith in Richard. I would not hesitate to recommend anybody to the Witney Chiropractic Clinic and from my experience would recommend that if you have a problem, the sooner you visit the better the result”.

Jean Swales

I have been attending Richard Bonamy-Price’s Chiropractic Clinic in Witney for two years, where I have received enormous benefit.

It is a very friendly Clinic and I have been impressed and reassured by Richard’s academic and practical knowledge as a Chiropractor.

Thank you Richard.

Paul Faulkner

“After a single treatment my back feels so much better, and my legs no longer ache!”

Gillian Fox

“I have been treated by Richard on a regular basis for a number of years to keep my body supple and find the treatment beneficial—-especially as I get older!”

Lady Sarah Neil-Fraser

“Quite so” Total skill and care at all times. Kind, helpful, what else can I say? No one can compare to him!”

Phil Sands

“To me, Richard is a kind of miracle worker. When I first went to see him, I was in a lot of pain and my back was a disaster area.

Now, I’m feeling better, I’m more mobile and I’m enjoying life more thanks to his skill and advice.

Thanks Richard!”

David Bond

“My back sustained lasting injury during my extensive Army service. Dr Richard Bonamy-Price DC has treated it for the past 22 years since I moved to Witney. He shows considerable interest in his patient’s welfare and strives to understand their needs. He demonstrates a high level of care in administering skilled treatment. Without his ministrations my life would have been very much worse.

His accessible out-of -office hours answering service, like his excellent, friendly reception staff, are much to be commended.”


 Audrey B. Witney

“After tremendous back pain and restricted movement, Richard was recommended to me. After the first treatment the difference has been amazing, and I am very grateful.”

Mrs J Smith

“I came to Richard with significant damage to my lumbar vertebrae which was so bad it had started to cause thoracic and neck tension” The damage still exists, but that’s all that does now.’

“Highly recommended!”

Mrs P Day

“Excellent support and advice with brilliant treatment, any aches and pains- well worth a visit”

John Seal

“Richard always explains what he is doing and why, and tells you what to do at home to continue the benefits of his brilliant Chiropractic skills. On top of that he puts you at ease with his friendly avuncular conversation. Definitely the best Chiropractor in our area.

Jane Aizlewood

“Richard has helped me with my headaches which has improved dramatically since seeing him”

Gavin C.

“As a farmer, you put your back through great punishment, but with Richards techniques and tips on back care I now feel like a new person”

Mr J Williams

I just wanted to say Thank you so much. After a couple of years of suffering, I’m ache and pain free after the last time I visited you.

You were the first person that came to mind when I started to get neck pain and headaches. You were kind enough to give me an appointment the same day and as always you found the problem straight away.

Your knowledge and expertise are second to none and relief from headaches was instant.

I have recommended you too many people, and I can’t stress enough how much I value your help!

Many Thanks


 Mrs Minards

“He is very polite and so helpful, he has relieved me from the pain, and I am so pleased to be able to walk well!”

Lisa Thompson

“Having suffered severe muscle tension in my jaw (TMJ) resulting in only eating soft foods for 3years, and thinking I had to use as a last resort tablet control for the rest of my life!

I tried Richard starting twice weekly and now visiting once every 3 months. Life is completely different, no more pain, and now I can eat apples plus toffee’s (real novelty).

I can’t thank Richard enough for making such a difference to my life!”

Mr K Pimm

“Saved my Life” (& BACK) !!

Mr Alastair Pratt

“Thank you so much. My Back has nerver been better. If you ever have back problems, give Richard a call. You won’t regret it !!”

Mr G Murphy

“Came in hurting left fit”

Mrs K Alder

“Amazing- Always pain free after consultation-Love the massage machine”

Chris Lane

“Appreciation is an understatement, the work done was absolutely brilliant….Many Thanks”

Brian Jobbins

Dear Richard

Just a line to thank you for getting me up and working again. When I came to see you I was in a lot of pain, but after only three visits, and following your instructions the pain has gone, and I am back to normality, thank you so much.
Best Regards


Gavin Powell

“Excellent knowledge of back problems which were rectified over a few sessions. Good practical after session advice to help injury and minimise further problems.”



“I have had a number of back problems in the last couple of years and I’ve tried various approaches to try and overcome them. Richard has provided the most effective approach

for me by a wide margin.  He is particularly good at helping to manage the whole recovery process.  It is evident that he has significant expertise on the physical aspects and this

is complemented by a good understanding of the mental and emotional impact of longer term recovery.  I have felt confident and supported throughout my recovery and I’m sure

that this will continue for as long as needed.”

D. Holloway

” I have had spinal problems and joint problems for 40 years. Started coming for Chiropractic care 20 years ago and can now lead a much more normal life.

Would recommend to all chronic sufferers, very impressed and keeps out of GP’s hair. Chiropractic is my lifeline”


Mrs Cullcutt

” Richard is so friendly and always makes you feel at ease in his care. I would highly recommend his treatments!”


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