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2021. It’s a New Year? and thankfully lots to look forward to, although last year will be forever in our minds…However WE have to be more active!!. Especially now with so many of us working from home. Trouble is with everything thats been going on, we’re probably already struggling with motivation…..But take heart…a few simple steps in the right direction (no pun intended?) can make a huge difference and keep us social distanced too?

As a busy Witney Chiropractor I do see a lot of our patients struggle with motivation and I’d like to help.

Maintaining your efforts

The key to keeping up momentum is starting well and forming habits. Starting out is important because you need to start small. If you start big you’re more likely to find it too difficult and give up.

Once you’ve started small you can build up your activity in small steps. As a busy Witney chiropractor we know that starting well, isn’t enough. I see many patients need more than a good start, they need good habits.

All you need to do is keep up the work for a few weeks (around 3) and without realising it will; become the norm to you. So taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking the long way home or parking at the back of a car park can become normal to you. Keep at it in the early stages. And if you find you really enjoy just simply walking …which is great exercise, then plan a few walks around the block or go further…head for the parks or wider open spaces.

So let this New Year of 2021 be Your year to get fit, feel fit and above all get Walking!!

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