Stress ….who needs it and how to help and manage it!

stress discussed by witney chiropractorWell actually we all do!….. but perhaps not in the quantity that seems to come our way these days! This article is to try and give you the anwsers to recognise and help manage your stress

So there’s good stress, which is adrenaline, this helps us cope with immediate situations, the type that when we regularly do weight bearing exercise like walking, keeps our bones strong. The other stress, well ok, that’s the bad one and to self diagnose and recognise the symptoms is much more difficult, and when you end up visiting your Doctor because you can’t understand why you keep getting anyone, or more of these: you know you need help!

  • Anxiety, irritation, anger, feeling flustered.
  • Feeling that things are hanging over you.
  • Poor concentration and difficulty making decisions.
  • Headaches, palpitations, hot flushes.
  • Dry mouth, lump in the throat and shaky hands.
  • Problems with sleep.
  • Excessive intake of caffeine, cigarettes or alcohol.
  • A repetitive tic, such as scratching or hair pulling.
  • Tearfulness, depression or feeling suicidal.
  • Chest pain.
  • Problems eating or swallowing.
  • Diarrhoea or constipation.
  • Loss of sex drive.
  • Worsening of skin or breathing conditions.

So when you’re told………. “You’re suffering with stress and not coping with it”

You probably won’t even believe it!!,

But on reflection when your sitting down with that tenth mug of coffee looking at a mountain of paperwork and stacks of e-mails which you’re struggling to get through, in between the phone ringing and colleagues popping in for a chat making you feel more like a social worker or the head of an adult day care centre, and when you get home there’s no one to welcome you, perhaps you may just be thinking “………I am STRESSED” ( I’ll let you to fill in the blanks!)

So now you know, How are you going to manage it and anwsers the calling ?

Well first it’s not a failing on your part we all get stress at some point, it’s part of life, however it’s the way we handle it that counts and easy to say “Pull yourself together and count your blessings” but that probably would make you feel a whole lot worse especially if your right on the precipice of despair with no where to go!!

My advice as a Chiropractor on how to manage stress would be, don’t try and go it alone. Talk to your GP, a friend, colleague, a relation that you feel you can confide in without feeling peer pressured, or seek professional counselling remember the old saying of a trouble shared.

How about actually starting that exercise regime you promised yourself, that’ll get the endorphins up and running (no pun intended) for the feel good factor, and what about that more healthy diet with those pounds you want to shed. I know we’re not supposed to be too self-centred or narcissistic’ but in my opinion if this helps to make you feel happier about yourself, so be it, because” heck “if you don’t like yourself how’s anyone else going to!! And on the bright side you’ll at least be a lot healthier!

Another good anwsers is to write a bucket list, I know nothing new, but how many of us actually take the time to sit down and do it? Put all the positives and negatives in your life down (don’t be discouraged if the negative column out flanks the others) and the third column, of the things you would realistically like to do.

Now see what you can do with the negatives first, just one at a time is enough, be practical, resourceful and flexible in your approach, meaning talk to your boss, loved one, mortgage advisor, whoever,…… but talk!

Once the negatives start reducing, probably not as quick as you like, BUT you have to start some where, this stress/ anxiety didn’t start over night so it’s not going to go over night either!
Make other changes……

Now this is a BIG ONE say “NO” when you need to, not “Yes of course I’ll do it, before I go home, no problem” tricky but worth the effort albeit one of the hardest words in the English language to say!!

So there you have it, a few anwsers on how to manage and help yourself to feeling, “well…You again”!

I won’t say good luck as that’s random like a betting on the lottery, however I will say. you have more control in your life than you think, it just takes effort and courage to change it……..Its up to you, but with that self belief its amazing what you can do!!………
Be healthy be strong and BE yourself!

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