TOP 9 UPPER BODY STRETCHING EXERCISES Being at home in lockdown doesn’t mean to say you can’t do a little exercise to help your body and in these surreal times…. Your Mind!! We have compiled a few very easy exercises to help you and your family. You can complete these stretching sequences daily to aid mobility, reduce pain and […]

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Want to impress this Valentine’s Day? A Witney Chiropractor shares this advice on how to improve your posture

Want to impress that special someone this Valentine’s Day? To make a good first impression you need to look confident. Your posture is a key factor in helping you look and feel confident, your back will also thank you in years to come if you look after it now. There are many benefits from having […]

Going on holiday? Keep your back safe with this advice from our Witney Chiropractor

Going on holiday? Keep your back safe with this advice from our Witney Chiropractor

It’s summer time! For loads of us that mean it is holiday time! Whether you’re jetting off the Spain, driving across the country or you’re jumping on a train to your relatives back home you are more than likely about the spend hours and hours sat down. Travelling is the worst part of a holiday […]

Hazards of Easter

Hazards of Easter

Easter is nearly here! A leading Witney Chiropractor shares these tips about how to keep your back safe when travelling this Easter As Easter is approaching, many of you will be travelling to visit family or taking a well-earned holiday. Travelling for a long time in the car can be exhausting and can also bad […]

Don’t Let Cooking The Christmas Lunch Be A Pain In The Back …

Are you cooking the Christmas lunch this year? If so our chiropractor at Witney Chiropractic Clinic wants to remind you to Mind Your Posture! With so much to do and with the build up of stress it is very easy to forget your posture when doing all the lifting, carrying, bending and standing that’s involved […]

Seek Help For Your Back Pain Not Myths

At Witney Chiropractic Clinic our chiropractor treats patients suffering back pain on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for his patients to repeat a commonly held myth regarding back pain when sharing their experience. It may be that they believed that by resting their back they would resolve their back pain, or they have tried […]

What Type Of Back Pain Are You Suffering?

Have you been suffering back pain in silence? Do you suffer recurring incidents of back pain? Have you tried different ways to ‘cure’ or alleviate your back pain to no avail? If you answered yes to one or more of the above then you’re not alone! Unfortunately back pain is on the increase. The good […]

Don’t Let Online Shopping This Christmas Get To Your Back

With millions of us increasingly turning to do our shopping online our chiropractors at Witney Chiropractic Clinic can’t stress enough the importance of having and maintaining good seated posture while using your computer and mobile devices. On the face of it avoiding all the perils of going to the shops to do our Christmas shopping […]