Winter Is Such a Pain in the Neck!

Winter is on its way out; the temperatures will soon start rising and those heaters will be tucked away deep in the cupboard for another year. And for many of us, that means a noticeable improvement in our physical health, in particular our spine health!

Notice how you seem to suffer from more aches, pains and niggles during the colder season? Ever wonder why this is?

According to our chiropractor at Witney Chiropractic Clinic, the cold weather causes us to change our postures. When we’re feeling chilly, we automatically curl up and slouch. Sometimes, we may even shiver. This causes changes in the upper body, such as rounding the back, slouching and raising our shoulders to our ears. As a result, our heads and necks are forced forward.

So if you experience headaches, back or neck pain during the wintertime, think about the way you hold your body when you feel a little nippy. It could just be the cause.

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