Research Reveals Who Waits Longest Before Seeking Help With Back Pain

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has revealed the results of consumer researcher* undertaken earlier this year and some of the results are surprising.

Whilst it’s not surprising to our chiropractor at Witney Chiropractic Clinic that a person suffering back or neck pain will wait a month or more to seek help for back and neck pain, it is somewhat more surprising that women take twice as long as men to seek help. Women will take on average six weeks to seek help with men taking three weeks.

If you are suffering back pain for more than a few weeks our chiropractor recommends that you seek professional help.

There are many different types of back pain with different causes. The key to getting the right treatment for your back pain is to firstly establish what type of back pain you may be suffering and to seek the best possible advice if your back pain is not improving.

The good news is that help is at hand.

Our experienced chiropractor in Witney is well placed to give you the best advice, treatment and management of your back condition.

He has extensive experience in helping people who are suffering from back pain and associated symptoms.

If you are suffering back pain why not call us now on 01993 776619 to make an appointment with our chiropractor.

*Consumer research carried out between 28/02/2018 and 07/03/2018 on a sample of 2,066 UK adults aged 16 + on behalf of the British Chiropractic Association.

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