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So it is a new year, have you made any changes to your life? We’re only a few weeks into 2016 but many of us will have started and failed our new year’s resolutions already. That’s ok though; we shouldn’t put pressure on ourselves like that and try and commit to major lifestyle changes immediately.

Instead we should opt for small and regular changes. A good change to make is with your posture. As busy chiropractors in Witney we have some simple advice to help you sharpen up your posture.

General good posture practices

As busy Chiropractors in Witney we know how much change regular exercise can make on your posture and the health of your back. You can also make small every day changes to improve your posture;

Stop sitting for as long – Modern life involves a lot of sitting and it plays havoc with our backs. Our advice to you is to get a bit more active. Whether your at work, driving or relaxing at home you need to get up a bit more. Make sure you move around every 40 minutes or so, grab a coffee, go for a chat or even a nice lunchtime stroll.

Sit up straight – As said above, it is inevitable that we sit down a lot in modern life, so when you do have to sit down, don’t make it worse by slouching. Sit up straight, get your set up right and don’t twist your body.

Be careful when carrying – Poor posture when carrying objects can cause a lot of pain, ensure you follow good practice and don’t twist your body or over exert yourself.

For further advice on getting better posture please get in touch with us or check out some of our previous blog posts.

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