Leading Chiropractor in Witney warns of ‘killer heels’

heels hurtBeing a busy Chiropractor in Witney we meet a lot of patients who suffering from a variety of pains.

Our job is always to find the source of the pain and come up with a solution to treat the paib and make it go away.

Sometimes making the pain go away isn’t always possible and the job then is pain management. Other times there definitely is the option to make the source of the pain disappear. Through changes to a patient’s lifestyle, such as poor posture or a lack of activity, we can fix the problem.

One of the big problems we come across with a lot of women is the negative effects of wearing high heels.

Negative effects of wearing heels

Wearing high heels can cause people a lot pain, and that is in the short term. It gets worse however.

Research has shown that wearing heels for a prolonged period of time can actually cause significant damage to your joints.

The main damage is done to the knee and in particular the wearing down of the cartilage in the knee.

What to do to avoid prolonged and recurring pain

As a leading chiropractor in Witney we always advise people to avoid wearing high heels.  If it causes you that much pain in the short term and could lead to serious problems with your joints, surely it isn’t worth it?

However we do understand that some people have to wear heels, if this is you we advise the following; wear them in moderation. You should limit the time spent wearing your heels and wear heels with less height off the floor. As well as that you should;

o Keep your head upright and don’t stick your chest out

o Keep your shoulders back and chest in

o Spread your weight evenly over the whole shoe when walking

o Slow down and reduce the pressure on your joints by smoothly walking


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