Leading chiropractor in Witney asks if your sedentary lifestyle becoming a pain in the back?

chiropractor witneyNo one likes to suffer from back or neck pain. It can be really draining, irritating and even debilitating yet it seems more of us are suffering from it than ever before. What is changing and going wrong? As a leading chiropractor in Witney we’re concerned about the increase and we know why.

Neck and back pain on the rise

The occurrence of neck and back pain has risen almost 10% in the last year according to new research by the British Chiropractic Association.

This follows an increasing trend over the last few years which have resulted in 4 in 5 people suffering from neck or back pain or who have suffered in the past.

That is a worryingly high percentage of people, and the question we as a leading chiropractor in Witney want to ask is why?

We’re sitting too much

Being a busy Witney chiropractor clinic we are aware that there are a number of factors that could be behind the increase. One of the most worrying and most likely is the amount of time we spend sitting down.

Modern day life has become very sedentary, we work in offices, we sit down all day and then we go home to sit down and watch TV. We have phones, tablets and gaming consoles that keep us sat down. We have so many reasons and temptations to sit down all day and a lot of us are taking them.

It’s not all doom and gloom though.

What you can do about it, according to a chiropractor in Witney

If you think your lifestyle is too sedentary then you can make subtle changes in your life and fix the problem.


  • Get up more and get out and about more – After you finish work, go for a walk or a run, go play sports etc, try and avoid going home to sit down for a few hours after being sat down all day
  • Take regular breaks – This is really important and really simple. Every 20-40 minutes get up, stretch and go for a mini walk (even if it’s to go get a coffee and have a chat).
  • Sit up straight – Being a busy chiropractor in Witney we see so many patients come in with a problem that was caused by poor posture.
  • Exercise good computer posture – The same as above applies here

 If you want further advice on how to change your sedentary lifestyle in a realistic and effective manner or if you have any back, neck or shoulder pains you want looking at, get in touch with us.

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One thought on “Leading chiropractor in Witney asks if your sedentary lifestyle becoming a pain in the back?

  1. I have assumed that many people are facing the problem of back pain. And, its all because of the sedentary lifestyle.
    Nowadays, people give more preference to their work in spite of giving attention to their health . It is important that we need to work for our living but it is important too that we should take care of our health.

    Really nice and informative blog. 🙂

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