Consumer Research Reveals Disturbing Trends For Back And Neck Pain Across The UK

The results of consumer research revealed by the British Chiropractic Association this October make for disturbing reading. The research looked at the trends for back and neck pain across the UK and in particular the frequency at which people are suffering of back or neck pain and also common triggers.

As far as frequency is concerned the numbers of people experiencing back or neck pain on a weekly and monthly basis have increased with 49% suffering weekly and 65% suffering monthly. That’s nearly a half and two third of people!

Unfortunately the common triggers for back and neck pain are activities that most of us do on a daily basis and therefore maybe the increase of back pain shouldn’t come as a big surprise! The common triggers reported are:

  • sitting for long periods
  • the job people do
  • sleeping
  • sports and exercise

Our experienced chiropractor at Witney Chiropractic Clinic is all too familiar with treating people suffering from back or neck pain for these very reasons.

Most cases of back or neck pain could be avoided by following some simple steps.  You can find lots of great advice to help you avoid back or neck pain on our website under the ‘How We Help You’ . There are great videos that you can follow along with. We have a host of posts offering advice on our blog which you can find under the ‘News’ section.

If you prefer to visit our chiropractor then call us on 01993 776619 to book an appointment. Remember our team is here to help you.

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