Chiropractic care pre and post London Marathon 2016

The London Marathon is just around the corner. The gruelling race is 26 miles long and is one of the highlights of a runner’s year. As a leading chiropractor in Witney I work with a lot of runners who have back problems.

Strengthening your back and body

The best way to care for your back with chiropractic care is actually through preventative measures. We can advise you on lifestyle choices and things like posture as well as suggest strengthening exercises. In particular we will be able to align your body to limit the impact of running.

Of course after running the London Marathon you will probably be in bits and pieces whatever your preparation is.

Recovering from the damage

Chiropractic care is quite useful post marathon as our expert techniques and knowledge will be able to treat any problems you have gained from the run and work through a treatment programme to get you back fit and firing.

If you want more information please do get in touch.

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