Managing your back pain with chiropractic care

Back pain, it’s more common that you might think. About 1 in 4 of us either suffers with it or has suffered with back pain in the past. It can be horrible; it can even affect how you live your life.

As a leading chiropractor in Witney we are experts in managing back pain and in this piece we would like to tell you how we do it.

Chiropractic care and back pain

It starts with you, the patient. Every person has a different set of circumstances and a different level of pain and each diagnosis and action plan requires tailoring to you, the individual.

Your chiropractic care would start with a medical assessment of your body as well as a discussion of your lifestyle.

After an initial consultation we would then diagnose your problem and explain what is causing your suffering.

For some of you we would only offer advice. On your posture or how often you exercise perhaps. Sometimes it is only the little changes that make a big difference.

However some of you will require more than that and that is where our particular skills and knowledge come in to play. Using a set of techniques we manipulate your back through non-invasive treatment.

This can come in a one-off treatment or a series of regular treatments. If you’re interested in learning more or have back pain you would like to sort out, please do get in touch with us.

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