Overcome Winter Spine Health Risks

If only winter fairies existed in real life, we could all ask for a protective bubble from the wrath of the weather and slipping on icy surfaces. But unfortunately, staying injury free at wintertime is down to us and us alone. But you can make it much easier to stay safe with these handy tips from our team at Witney chiropractic clinic:

1. Eyes First

The best way to prevent falls is to watch where you’re stepping. If there’s a wet patch up ahead that looks like it might be ice, don’t wait to find out, just avoid it in the first place! Always look for the path of least resistance during the winter months.

2. Wear the Right Shoes

Even if you must wear high heels or dress shoes to work or a Christmas event, take a pair of suitable shoes to wear on your way there and back.  Opt for boots with rough or textured soles to trek through any snow or ice, as these will provide much more traction than regular shoes. Changing shoes may seem like a hassle, but it’s a lot less stress to deal with than falling over and injuring your back!

 3. Use Handrails

Whether you’re inside or outside, handrails are there for a reason! Whenever a railing is available to you, use it. Railings can save you from hitting the floor even after you begin to slip.

We hope these tips are helpful.

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