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20 minutes of walking a day can add years to your life. A leading Chiropractor Witney shares results from recent study

Our lives are becoming a lot more sedentary with many of us living what is called a ‘couch potato’ lifestyle and this lack of exercise could be detrimental to our health. As a leading Chiropractor Witney I would like to share this advice on why it is important to keep active. A recent report has […]

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Have a Merry Christmas from Witney Chiropractic Clinic

The team at Witney Chiropractic Clinic would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy Christmas. We are all looking forward to relaxing in front of the fire with a good film and eating lots of turkey and mince pies! At Christmas, we know lots of people will be wanting to do the same; […]

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Is your commute a pain in the neck? Research suggests it might be shares our Witney Chiropractor

Most of us, who are working, have to entail the dreaded daily commute. Whether it’s by train or car, it can leave you feeling quite stressed and often with neck, back or muscle pain. A recent survey has found that 19% of the UK workforce feels that their daily commute is leaving them with pain. […]

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What are you putting your back through everyday? Chiropractor Witney shares this advice

Here at Chiropractor Witney, we treat people everyday who are suffering from back pain and other injuries. Two of the main causes of back pain are sleeping and sitting. A report has found that over 77% surveyed, were currently experiencing back and neck pain or have suffered from it in the past. Most people are […]

At Witney Chiropractic Clinic we are promoting BackCare Awareness Week

It is that time of year again, BackCare awareness week. For us at Witney Chiropractic Clinic we are big advocates of this week. With so many patients coming through our doors suffering from back pain we certainly feel the need to support an awareness campaign. A lot of our patients at Witney Chiropractic Clinic do […]