Travelling for the Easter holidays? Take care of your back this year

It is nearly the Easter holidays and for so many of us that can mean travelling. Perhaps it’s travelling to see family, travelling for a nice day out or travelling for whatever reason. As a busy chiropractor in Witney I know that travelling can take its toll on your back.

I am obviously concerned about this and would like to help you avoid this.

Easter shouldn’t mean back pain

Whether you’re travelling by trains, planes or automobiles the following advice should see you return home pain free.

It all starts with packing – Avoid the temptation to pack too much, the more you pack the more you have to carry. Travel light.

On the move – You will inevitably need to carry something on your Easter travels so when you do try and either use a rucksack or split the weight into two bags. Weight distribution is important.

Get out and about – Travelling can involve sitting down for hours at a time, this isn’t good for your back or your overall health. Make sure you stop for breaks as often as you can and stretch your legs.

So there you have it, a quick guide to taking care of your back this year.


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