Top Tips For a Pain-Free Christmas Shopping Spree!

It’s that time of year again when Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” starts bellowing through every High Street shop. Yes, there’s no mistaking that Christmas is well and truly on its way. And that means present and food shopping needs to be done. But if you suffer from back pain, Christmas shopping can be more daunting than Rudolph going missing on Christmas Eve!

Here our team at Witney Chiropractic Clinic share three Christmas shopping tips to keep your back free from pain this festive season:

1: Shop in Stages

Make sure you don’t leave all your Christmas shopping until the last minute. Buying all your presents or food in one go will mean carrying lots of heavy bags, which will put extra strain on your back. Stagger your shopping sprees over a few trips to lessen the load on your spine.

2:  Park Close By

Leave your house in plenty of time so that you can find a parking space close to the shops. This will reduce the distance you need to walk with your shopping bags. Remember that shopping in your vicinity will get incredibly busy over the Christmas period, so try to plan your shopping trips for the quietest periods of the day to grab a good parking space!

3:  Borrow a Schoolbag

Consider using a rucksack instead of a handbag while you shop. A small wheelie suitcase is also a good alternative for heavy items. Carrying your belongings on two shoulders will balance the load on your spine and help to reduce pressure in one specific area.

All our Witney chiropractors want for Christmas is for you to be pain-free!

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