Top Tips for a Healthy Christmas

Christmas is the time to indulge; we know that.  But does this mean we have to overindulge? You can still enjoy all the festivities of the season and get through the Christmas period without too much impact on your health. Just follow these tips from our team at Witney Chiropractic:

1: Don’t sit down all day

Every Christmas movie ever made may be showing on the TV, but you don’t need to plonk yourself down on the sofa for the entire holidays! Enjoy your relaxation time by all means, but make sure you stay active in between. Go out with the family and take along any new gifts like bikes, scooters and footballs. It will give you a burst of energy and your health will benefit too!

2: Go easy on the booze

Those alcohol units can really mount up over the festive period. Mulled wine on Christmas Eve, Bucks Fizz with breakfast, champagne with Christmas lunch; the list goes on…

3: Don’t give yourself a Christmas stuffing!

Did you know that we consume around 3,000 calories just in our Christmas dinner? That’s more than the entire recommended daily intake for a fully grown man!  Instead of gorging on a gigantic Christmas roast, eat a normal-sized meal and then take a 20-minute break to see if you are still hungry. You’ll probably realise you’ve had enough!

The healthier you feel over Christmas, the more fun you’ll have!

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