Summer Festival Goers Please Watch Your Backs

The Summer season of festivals is underway. Regardless of your age or interests there’s a festival somewhere for you. It seems we Brits can’t get enough of them.

In and around Witney, we have a number of well known festivals including the Witney Music Festival and The Big Festival a music and foodie event for all the family held on Alex James’ Farm in Chipping Norton.

Whether you are attending a nearby festival or traveling further afield our chiropractor at Witney Chiropractic Clinic wants to remind you to take care of your back. Unfortunately festival going can take its toll on our backs. However, following a few simple tips can make all the difference.

Use a rucksuck: You’ll probably want to carry a few things around with you so using a rucksuck is the best option. Make sure it has two straps that you use over your shoulders and adjust the  straps to ensure that the rucksuck sits evenly and snugly on your back.

Wear comfortable shoes and stand with your feet at shoulder distance apart: There’s a lot of standing and walking to do, hence, the comfortable shoes! Standing with your feet shoulder distance apart will provide your back and hips with the best possible support.

Drink plenty of water: Stay hydrated and remember drinking alcohol will dehydrate you.

Have fun and stay safe.



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