Is Your Spine Thirsty?

These days it’s pretty hard to go anywhere without hearing about the benefits of drinking enough water. But did you know that water plays a major role in your back health, too? In fact, dehydration can even cause back pain!

And here’s how, according to our chiropratcor at Witney Chiropractic clinic:

The disks in the spine, which act as shock absorbers, contain a large amount of water. As we go about our days and gravity works on our spines, this water is slowly squeezed out. These disks will successfully re-hydrate themselves during the night, as long as there is enough water available in the body. When water supplies are low, the whole disk becomes compromised.

So tonight when you hit the sack to get your forty winks, think about the amount of water you drink on a daily basis and consider the effect this is having on your body and your spine. Just like you, a thirsty spine needs to water to remain functional.

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