Glued to the TV watching the Rugby World Cup? Follow this advice from our Witney Chiropractor

RWCAt our leading Chiropractor clinic we’ve been glued to our screens this September. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but the Rugby World Cup (or as we’ll call it from now on the RWC) is here and hasn’t it been thrilling stuff.

It’s a great sporting event and so far it is proving really entertaining with a feast of rugby on offer. As much as we’re enjoying it all we do want to warn you against being too much of a couch potato. It’s ok to be glued to the screen but not the couch.

The importance of NOT being idle

Sitting down for hours and hours on end watching the TV is not good for your health or your life and it certainly isn’t good for your back. That being said we understand that every now and then events come around that are just too big to miss.

We’ve all been there before where we’ve lost hours to great sporting occasions. We just need to be careful that when we do this we look after ourselves. A

As leading Chiropractors in Witney we have some simple advice we want to share with you to help keep your back safe;

Don’t sit still – We’re not on about you getting up and going before that match ends but if you change position every 20 minutes or so you will avoid a lot of problems. Even if all you’re doing is just standing up, moving around a bit and then sitting right back down.

Go get a half-time snack – Get busy during half-time. Go get a tea, a drink, a snack and make sure you’re using the opportunity to move around.

Posture is always important –Don’t slump down into your seat, you’re asking for back pain if you do this. Make sure you’re sat right back into the seat and not all twisted.

Drink plenty – Try to avoid your beers, tea and coffee and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. You’ll feel better for it and be able to concentrate on the game better.

Re-enact the match – This one is optional but maybe after the match you feel inspired for a kick about. Go for it and have a laugh, a nice way to stay active.

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