Give your back some love this Valentine’s

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It’s the season of loving and as busy Chiropractors in Witney we want you to love your back. It is an often ignored part of your body; you can’t see it so why worry about it is perhaps the attitude.

Of course that doesn’t work in real life and with so many of us neglecting our backs we are causing ourselves plenty of pain and problems.

Don’t ignore it, give it some love

Our backs need taking care of all the time and a failure to do so can lead to some not very nice consequences, namely back pain.

No need to worry though, we have a few simple tips to help you look after it. First of all you need to stretch, daily. This will increase the flexibility of your back. Avoid sitting down for long periods of time and whilst you’re at it take up regular exercise to keep your back moving.

Finally good hydration is very important to avoid inflammation (can cause a lot of pain) and of course you need to practice good posture every single day.

It isn’t too complicated to look after your back but it is important. Show it some love!

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