Are You Carrying around the Risk of Back Pain?

If you’re guilty of carrying your life’s belongings in your handbag, then you could be putting your spine health at serious risk. Here at Witney chiropractic clinic, we are treating more and more patients who suffer from back pain as a result of carrying heavy bags.

Here are just a few of the damaging things that happen inside your spine when you lug around an overloaded bag:

Your Natural Gait is Affected

Carrying a heavy shoulder bag significantly interferes with your normal gait. Your gait (the way your arms and legs swing when you walk naturally) is an important factor in keeping your body balanced. Carrying a bag on one side of the body causes the other arm to swing more.

Your Muscles Become Imbalanced

Carrying your bag on one shoulder causes your body to bear an asymmetric load, which can significantly affect your posture.

Your Muscles Become Stiff

Regularly carrying a heavy bag can cause the trapezius and neck muscles to spasm and tighten. This can result in excess stiffness in the upper back, shoulders and neck and even a decreased curve in the neck.

The advice is simple: decrease the amount you put in your bag. Decrease the amount you use your bag. Decrease your risk of back pain.

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