Burn Off That Christmas Lunch

Let’s admit it, Christmas time is when we all tend to let our guard down a bit more than usual and indulge in eating and perhaps drinking a little more than we normally would. Of course Christmas Lunch is one such time when we can’t but fill our plates up. It’s hardly surprising then that for many Christmas lunch is followed by lethargy and doziness. Who hasn’t found themselves drifting off on the sofa on a Christmas afternoon!

Our Witney chiropractor encourages everyone to stay as active as possible throughout the year. Staying active is important for our overall health as well as the health of our backs. Staying active doesn’t necessarily mean slogging it out at the gym or running a marathon. One of the most overlooked forms of exercise is walking. Walking can be done regardless of your fitness level, most everyone can do it! It is in the main free to do. To get started all you need is a a pair of shoes or trainers that are comfortable, don’t cause blisters and provide adequate support.

If you do suffer any health issues then it is recommended that you seek advice from a medical professional as to what type of exercise is suitable for you.

Why not plan a walk to blow away the post Christmas lunch lethargy this year?  We are very fortunate as there are many great walking routes around Witney. As an example, you can find information about two circular walks along a sections of the river Windrush between Witney and Burford here .

Get walking this Christmas and you may well catch the bug and make taking a regular walk your New Year’s Resolution.

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