Bet you didn’t know this about your spine!

Your spine is more incredible than what you think. And more interesting too! Just look at some of these facts from our Witney chiropractor. We bet you didn’t know this about your back bone!

1: You’re born with extra vertebrae

Not many people are aware of this, but you actually enter the world with more vertebrae than what you leave with.  When you’re born, you have 33 vertebrae, but you only have 26 as an adult. Where do they go? Different combinations fuse together to form the tailbone and the back of the pelvis. Amazing!

2: You grow in space

If you ever go on a space mission (as you do!), you’ll return to Earth a couple of inches taller. This is because cartilage expands in the absence of gravity. For those of us who don’t venture off the planet, the forces of gravity start to take their toll after the age of forty – so we shrink a little in the second half of our lives.

3: There are hundreds of components to your spine

You may think of your spine as just one long bone, but it actually contains 120 muscles, 220 ligaments and 100 joints!

Your spine is truly remarkable. Make sure you look after it.


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