The Benefits of Yoga For Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic or recurrent episodes of back pain, you may have to try a number of forms of exercise to find the most effective activity to manage your pain. For many back pain patients, yoga has proven to be a beneficial way to alleviate symptoms.

How Can Yoga Help?

According to our team at our Witney Chiropractic Clinic, yoga can offer several healing benefits for back pain, including:

  • Healing injured back muscles
  • Speeding up recovery time
  • Helping to prevent re-injury
  • Helping to maintain a regular level of daily activities

Yoga can help to ease lower back pain by gently stretching and strengthening the muscles in the lower back and legs. It can also help to increase blood circulation which helps to bring healing nutrients to injured tissues.

Could yoga be the activity that eases your back pain?

Talk to your chiropractor or healthcare professional before starting any new form of exercise.

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