Back pain: The most common causes and how to avoid them

back pain sleepingBeing a leading chiropractor in Witney we of course work with a lot of people suffering from back pain. It is our duty of care to not only treat them for the back pain and remove the problem but we need to make sure our patients are aware of the common causes of back pain and how to avoid them in future.

So without further ado;

  1. Poor posture – This doesn’t just mean slouching when you’re stood up it means everything you do; when you’re sat in the car, when you’re texting, when standing on a train or bus. Avoid slouching, hunching over a screen and sitting awkwardly. It makes a big difference.
  1. Sitting too much – We’re not designed to sit for too long and yet we spend hours and hours each day sat down, not moving. It’s not good for our health and its certainly not good for our backs. So make small changes like walk to the shops or work (if you’re close enough). Instead of sitting on the couch to watch TV, go for a quick walk or at lease stand up for an episode.
  1. Dehydration – A lack of proper hydration can cause your back no ends of pain. This is because our disks are full of water and if we don’t keep them hydrated they become overloaded and may swell up and cause you some pain.
  1. Incorrect lifting – An obvious and well known factor but important all the same. You need to lift with your legs and never twist your body when carrying something heavy. It’s always best to split heavy weights into smaller more manageable parts when possible too.

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