Love Your Spine This Valentines!!

Tips On How to Better Love Your Spine

Valentine’s Day is known as a day to show love and affection to your significant other. This love and affection is shown through grand gifts such as cards, flowers, and candy. Millions and millions of dollars are spent on this day alone throughout the country. However, this year, we challenge you to put forth an equal effort into loving your spine and back in a similar way.

  • Sit with Proper Posture.Sitting may seem like an easy task but a bad posture can put an immense amount of strain on your lower back. Aim to sit with your shoulders back and a straight spine.
  • Ensure that your body weight is evenly distributed on both hips and your knees should be at a right angle with your feet flat on the floor. This will minimize the strain on your lower back muscles.
  • Sleep with Proper Posture.When the body is asleep, it uses this time to recuperate and recharge itself from the busy day you had. It is important to sleep with a proper posture to maximize your body’s charging system. Avoid sleeping on your stomach as this can strain your neck and spine. Use the help of support pillows for your lower back and neck to help promote a proper posture.
  • Increase your Core Strength.By improving the strength of your core, it can greatly remove some stress from your back to your core. We have a great list of exercises you can try out to improve your core muscles.
  • Weight Control.A few extra pounds can lead to a whole lot of distress on your spine. By better managing your weight, you can help your spine support your body with less strain.
  • Stretch.Stretching before exercising is good for the muscles and helps warm them up. Stretching keeps your muscles flexible and can help prevent sports related injuries. Stretching your back can also help soothe and manage your back pain.

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